A man discovered that his ex-girlfriend's current partner uses the Netflix account and exploded with fury – 06/01/2019


A man became angry with his ex-girlfriend when he learned that she and her current partner they used their Netflix account two years ago without permission and without providing money for the monthly bill. It all came to light when the girl asked about WhatsApp.

The Reddit user, a site where social content and news are published, posted a screenshot of the messages sent to him by his ex-girlfriend, from whom he saved his name. "Hello, did you pay for your Netflix account?", began to write the girl next to an emoticon of happy face.

After two minutes, he replies, "Who are you? I do not have your number checked." She immediately tells him her name (which she tacho when she published the capture) and He asked if he could pay the bill that same night.

Reddit is a site where social content and news are published (Reddit The_Duff).

Reddit is a site where social content and news are published (Reddit The_Duff).

Outraged, she remembers that they have not talked in years and I ask her how and why he has the details of her Netflix account, to which she replies, "You gave me the information when we were dating."

According to the user, who publishes under the name "The_Duff", she made the request when she and her current partner wanted to see Netflix content and the service would not allow it. Consequently, she demanded that she allow him to continue using him because he is her ex-boyfriend and is "obligated" to pay the monthly payment.

"You're making a joke to me, I'm going to change the password right now, do not use my account anymore, I can not believe how cheeky you are, please erase my number," he asked. Many Reddit users were surprised by the woman's audacity, especially when she said, "Just pay, I'm trying to see something."

A part of the conversation (Reddit The_Duff).

A part of the conversation (Reddit The_Duff).

"A real rubbish," "This deeply rooted level of the law never ceases to amaze and irritate me," were some of the comments that attacked the woman's attitude.

However, there were others who took it humorously and as an ironic case: "A funny story, once I had a post from a girl on Instagram the day after cutting me off, you broke up with your boyfriend, but you still use the service his HBO ".

"My ex contacted me three years after I cut him off because he had changed the Hulu password, I had no idea that this person was still depending on me," was another coincident comment. The_Duff did not tell him how the story went, but it appeared that he'd already changed his password.


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