A mafia threat, one last message and two dead brothers: the tragic end of Toto Giménez, the burned thief in Zárate


"Fat, I'm going to do a message, I'll do a warrant."The message was by voice and he sent it on Thursday night," he told his girlfriend. The 17-year-old was last seen at 12:40 am Friday in the Reysol neighborhood. They found dead at ten o'clock that morning, hidden among prairies, beside a dirt road, mud from the storms of that night, on Victoria Ocampo Street in Barrio 4 Cantos of the Zárate party, a suburb that literally witnessed its infrastructure in your name.

Joel José Giménez is gone. He was killed. His girlfriend, 15, is not either: his father took him from Buenos Aires. She revealed that her partner was a thief and was involved in robberies in the area. His final criminal act was a "mandate," a term in the jargon means the carrying out of an attack with an armed hand. The robbery ended with him thrown into a ditch.

He was shot twice: on the ankle and on the genitals, where there was no exit orifice. The wound damaged vital organs that ended up causing his death, according to the scientific police. The body, which was turned upside down and hidden among the vegetation of the place, had stabs on the thigh and neck that did not register bloodshed, so that they were taken over after death. But the most bloodthirsty trait of crime developed in life: the autopsy discovered smoke in his lungs. The experts determined that the victim was still breathing when he was being set on fire.

Investigators continue to do intelligence work to try to clear up the homicide. The hypothesis of citizen lynching seems discarded. The supposed thief was taken to a clearing, an area of ​​difficult access, far from where he had been last seen alive. The cruelty and virulence of the injuries presented by the body of the victim reinforce other theories: the settlement of accounts, the message of the Mafia, a kind of revenge.

Infobae He agreed to entrenched versions in the neighborhood of Pecorena, where Toto lived with his parents and his two brothers. He had been threatened with death a week ago. A shower of gunfire struck the front of his house and his father's hawk. The intimidation, with a pronounced mafia bias, would have occurred after a dispute between a friend of his and one of the two fugitives in search of justice. There are still no direct defendants in the case, but the suspicions point to two young people in the 6 de Agosto neighborhood who are being investigated.

According to the conjectures of some neighbors of the region who did not want to give their names, the victim and the main suspects of committing the murder used to steal together and their main loot were the motorcycles. The assumptions suggest that the murdered youths would have broken a criminal pact. The concrete thing is that the investigation revolves around a settling of accounts and points to two members of a band from a dangerous neighborhood on the borders of the Buenos Aires party.

In Zarate everybody talks about the crime of Toto Giménez. They are not surprised, but they mourn the loss spreading in the nobility of their progenitors. His father, nicknamed "The Fat Mario", is a respected scrap dealer. "They are good people, a hard-working, humble family."Repeat those who know you." Those who deviated were their children, but deep down they were good boys, they joined with those who should not, "they ignore in a low voice.

The Giménez live a new family drama. Joel José Giménez was brother of Mario Giménez and Paulo Gabriel Giménez. The former died on January 27, 2016, at age 30, when he drowned when he staggered out of the house and fell to the bottom of a ditch: he suffered epilepsy and recently underwent surgery on his head. The second died six months later: he was 18, called him Machuki and he lost his life after being run over by a car while fleeing on his motorcycle stolen from a criminal attack. Infobae He contacted the victim's parents, who for now preferred not to speak to the media yet.

At the event, members of the police station 1 of Zárate, the Patrol Command and the Departmental Headquarters of Zárate-Campana participated. The cause of the Functional Unit of Instruction (UFI) 7 of the Zárate-Campana Judicial Department, in charge of the promoter Andrea Palacios.


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