Sunday , March 7 2021

A girl was transferred to Bariloche for a possible case of hantavirus

LThe girl was referred last Wednesday, from El Bolsón to the Zonal Hospital in Bariloche.

It was in isolation and belongs to the contact nucleus of a woman who has been confirmed by hantavirus and has been discharged.

During the day of Wednesday, January 30, a 2-year-old girl was transferred from El Bolson Hospital to Ramón Carrillo de Bariloche, on suspicion of contracting the virus.

Sources consulted by this means confirmed that she is a girl who was in isolation since it belongs to the contact nucleus of a 38-year-old woman who was confirmed as positive for hantavirus and was discharged a few days ago. The patient was also transferred to the hospital in Bariloche.

In this regard, smaller studies were conducted and sent to Instituto Malbrán, the main center of reference in the field, which will be responsible for confirming the existence or not of a case of this disease. The results may be known this Friday.

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