A former coach led by Jorge Sampaoli destroyed the coach before the Brazilian media


Jorge Sampaoli suffered the first major blow since he took over as coach of the Santos: brought an invincibility of four games for the Championship Paulista, but in the last weekend fell 5-1 before the humble Ituano, a team that plays in the C Series of Brasileirao. "It is necessary to apologize. We had a great ball possession, but we got six times and five were goals. It's hard to explain, "said Lefty, saddened by the surprising result that spawned the first round of criticism.

The second bad drink was generated by a former director, who even had a briefcase to incorporate it into the Fish; a man with a past in the club from which Pelé and Neymar emerged: it's about Paulo Henrique Goose; or Goose, to dry, as it is known in the world of football. The offensive midfielder, 29, was under the tutelage of Sampaoli in Seville, until the native Casilda broke his link to lead the Argentine team. And apparently he did not have a good memory of the relationship.

Goose was presented as a new Fluminense and in his first contact with the media he was consulted for his experience with Sampaoli in Spain. "Some things happened there. When a person asks you to go to a club and does not make you play, something is wrong. When the person does not want to talk to you, she is wrong.. But that happens, people forget and life goes on, "said the elegant driver, ex-paulista and amiens from France.

At the request of the coach, Sevilla hired Ganso in July 2016 in exchange for 9 million euros. But the Brazilian did not have the desired continuity and, in several passages of the joint adventure, Sampa He used it as a trademark, a position that did not fit the player.

Asked how he felt acting as number 5, the stocking again attacked the technical director. "Five he does not want to hear"He said, relating the number to the number of goals Ituano scored for Santos.

In any case, the Fish is the best record of the Paulista Championship (4 to 1) and leads Group A with 12 points. The differences between Sampaoli and Goose can be solved in a field of play: although they do not compete in the same state tournament, Santos and Fluminense face each other in the Brasileir√£o, which begins in April.


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