A fanatic gave Luis Miguel a portrait that moved him


In the middle of a concert, a surprised admirer Luis Miguel with an original gift: a portrait of his mother, Marcela Basteri, with a very touching dedication.

The recent step of Luis Miguel by Chile will be unforgettable, at least for fans of & # 39; El Sol & # 39; who decided to take care of their idol with one of the most significant details.

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And so it was in the middle of his successful presentation, received from the hands of one of the participants the color image that evokes one of the most tender moments of his past.

This was undoubtedly a gesture that attracted attention before the public who applauded him, he prepared to receive the original gift that he gazed excitedly on the stage. And it is that the proximity that maintains with the public is constant and that time also was not the exception.

In the middle of the show he offered, youA fan came to give you a replica of the photograph in which he appears with his motherMarcela Basteri, when he was just a teenager.

With a remarkable smile Luis Miguel He picked up the small painted picture and looked at her quickly and happily to continue the show. At that moment, the interpreter received all kinds of gifts: flowers, letters and even a teddy bear, which he sympathetically placed on a bench to simulate the corner of the doll.

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According to an image shared by the girl who seems to have been in charge of delivering the gift, the picture included a dedication in which her mother is mentioned. "Never forget that it will always be your greatest treasure …", You can read on the back of this work that made the singer more fascinated.

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