Sunday , June 20 2021

A dog destroyed an ice cream shop in Mendoza and had to intervene in the police to calm it down

An uncontrolled dog entered an ice cream parlor in the town of General Alvear in Mendoza and destroyed part of the furniture of the place. Faced with this situation, the police had to intervene to calm the animal.

In the images that have been viralized by social networks, you can see how a Bull Terrier is sitting in an armchair of commerce, while He bites all the upholstery.

Even in a second video was recorded as three cops, along with another group of people, tried to overpower him to prevent him to continue with the damage and do not be afraid. Finally, They managed to stop him and put a snout on him.

Local journalist Juan Pablo Navío confirmed that the dog has been restored to its owner. And they expect the owner of the ice cream shop to complaint for damages.

In social networks, many users have debated the motives for the incident. Some have questioned that these types of animals need a lot of attention because of their temper and hyperactivity. While others have argued he was upset about the pyrotechnics they played that day.

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