A Chilean woman died of an outbreak of hantavirus originating in Chubut and there are ten fatalities


During the afternoon of Saturday, from the Seremi Epidemiology Unit of Los Lagos Health one confirmed new hantavirus victim. This is a 29-year-old Chilean woman who was transferred to Santiago after it was confirmed that she had been infected after contacting a person from Epuyén, the city of Chubut. where the outbreak originated.

José Antonio Vergara, a doctor who confirmed the new death, announced that Despite all the possible efforts made, it was not possible to save his life due to the cardiovascular syndrome due to hantavirus. In this way, the number of fatal victims reaches 10.

Identified as Patricia Henríquez, according to the Chilean portal The Huemulthe woman He had direct contact with a person from Epuyén, where the outbreak that is on alert for the region is presented.

The blood samples from the patients studied were analyzed in the Malbrán Institute from Buenos Aires and they gave negative. This was confirmed in a statement by the director of the Hospital Ramón Carrillo, Juan Cabreraand the head of Sanitary Area IV, Néstor Sáenz.

The three patients hospitalized this week in the hospital with symptoms of a virus-compatible disease, so they had to activate the corresponding protocols and from that moment they were monitored.

"While controlling the evolution of patients, which was always positive, the results of experts from the city of Buenos Aires were expected, "the statement said in the statement. the presence of the virus was ruled out.

On the other hand, in Entre Rios the analysis of two deceased children and five hospitalized children to know if they contracted the same pathology.

Justice and the Ministry of Health entrerrianos continues investigating the death of two 13- and 10-year-old girls for reasons that are still unknown. The girls were cousins, they were Hospital San Blas de Nogoyá and they suffered similar images. The first one died on January 1, while the second was killed on Wednesday.

This week, another five cases of children hospitalized in Maternal and Child Hospital San Roque de Paraná with similar symptoms. All belong to the same family environment and are between 20 months and 9 years old.

"All they have different diagnoses, then we can not say that all cases are associated with each other, nor with the deaths that occurred in Nogoyá. There were diagnoses of different characteristics, "said the Director of Epidemiology of Entre Rios, Diego Garcilazo.

Marcelo Itharte, director of the hospital, told The Once what patients "are in a good mood, good oral tolerance with adequate nutrition and nutrition, all with less requirements of venoclisis ".

Meanwhile, the results of samples of tissue, blood, fecal matter and cerebrospinal fluid sent to Malbrán and to the National Institute of Coni Respiratory Diseases are awaited.

The disease caused by hantavirus is mainly transmitted by the inhalation of aerosols loaded with viral particles from the feces, urine and saliva of infected rodents. However, person-to-person transmission seems to have been instrumental in spreading the current outbreak.


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