A case of rabies was detected in a bat


There will be vaccination of dogs and cats in the sector near thePrior to the appearance of a rabies case in a bat found in our city, the Directorate of Bromatology is responsible for taking the corresponding precautionary measures.

Last week, a bat with alleged rabies was found at Grimaldi at 1100, who was in contact with pets without vaccination. Given what happened, the Municipal Board of Bromatology sent the copy to Zoonosis Avellaneda from where the virus was confirmed.

As is done in these cases, the Bromatology team along with SENASA will block a ring 200 meters from where the bat was found. The block consists of house-to-house vaccinations for dogs and cats in the area covered by Avda. Workers, Junín Avenue, Rufino Fal and Calle 19.

Blocking work will begin on Thursday afternoon from 5:00 p.m. and will continue on Friday until the radio is over.

It should be noted that any animal that does not have a valid vaccination certificate will be vaccinated without exception.

Days of rabies vaccination

It is essential in these cases to comply with the anti-rabies vaccination schemes for our pets: it is free and mandatory. A new vaccination day will be carried out by Bromatología on Saturday 24 in the city of Sierras Bayas, in two stations installed for this purpose: one located in the Central Square of the city and the other in the Square in front of the Fire Department.

Those who wish to approach their pet to receive anti-rabies vaccination can do so from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.: only dogs should be transferred with a collar, collar and muzzle if necessary, and cats in a cage.


If a bat is found, dead or alive, it is advisable not to touch it. Notify Bromatología (tel 02284 – 423737) so that it is a technician who withdraws this and sends it to the laboratory for analysis.

In the case of a bite, wash the wound with plenty of soap and water, do not put alcohol or other disinfectant, and go to the nearest health center to be evaluated by a physician.

When indicated, the human rabies vaccine should be applied as soon as possible after exposure.


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