A "carancho" jumped into a car to pretend to be run over and security cameras gave him – 06/12/2018


The tranquility of a Sunday at noon in Paraná was altered by a situation that the neighbors recently understood when they saw the neighborhood's security cameras. a man ran to the center of Laurencena Avenue and threw himself into the hood of a carand fell fell to the ground.

"It was Sunday at 1 pm, a person injured on public roads, firstly referring to a possible traffic accident," said deputy chief of the eighth police station, Julián Bevilacqua, speaking to Canal 9 Litoral.

"He was referring pain all over the body, all the skills were being performed, so we can get the driver and other witnesses because there were people, they already told us it was strange the actions of the person," he added.

Everything was recorded by the security cameras. The man, who only transcends the one who lives in the Maccarone neighborhood, waited for his moment and when the Volkswagen Fox slowed down a little his speed was thrown on the hood, falling to the ground and pretending unconsciousness.

In the hospital "the relevant cures were not performed, because he himself retired without wanting to be examined by the doctors in service, nor by the police doctor, with which the injuries he may have suffered were not properly checked because they were not. hold him against his will. "

The attitude of the neighbor is framed in which is generally known as "carancho". They seek the accident and then act legally against the insurer of the owner of the car.

So much excitement generated in the city the news that even the president of the Entre Rios Bar Association, Enrique Marciano Martínez, consulted on the subject, said that "this type of practice has in some cases even involved representatives of public entities, such as police officers , stretchers or even medical ".

"Many civil servants involved in the incident also have some connection with a lawyer and influence the victim at that time to contact the lawyer, which is also a lack of ethics and the citizen has to report it," he added. Martinez for the local channel El Once.

He continued with his description of this type of events the lawyer and stressed that generally "lawyers are not from Parana, come from other provinces, from other places, are not known and sell a trust that they do not have to the client." which is obtained from insurance companies, is shared among this group and does not go to the victim, who ends up being beaten by these guys. "


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