A brake in Vidal | Justice invalidated the persecution …


The Justice of Buenos Aires invalidated the persecution of the management of Maria Eugenia Vidal against the directors of schools that acceded to the general paralyzes summoned by the Front of Teaching of the Unit. "The decision of the Justice confirms what we denounce: that the government of Buenos Aires tried in any way to discipline us and violate our legitimate rights," said the head of the Federation of Educators of Buenos Aires, Mirta Petrocini. The school year closed in the province without reaching a salary agreement with the teachers' unions, so the union representatives warned to a conflict horizon for 2019.

During an extended year of negotiations, with unilateral offers from the government of Buenos Aires below inflation, the decision of the General Directorate of Schools, by Gabriel Sánchez Zinny, was to open summaries against the directors or managers of educational establishments that by measures of the force did not open the doors of the schools. The summaries were signed accusing the failure to "not complete the opening of the school building in the hours of operation of its shifts," ignoring the right of the strike.

For this reason, Labor Court No. 3 of La Plata – composed of judges Carlos Gramuglia, Enrique Catani and Liliana Badi – opened space for a precautionary measure presented by the Front of the Teaching Unit and ordered that the summaries be annulled. The decision came a few days after Suteba had denounced "massive summaries" against teachers who actively participated in strikes and the executive to ensure they had respected "the exercise of the constitutional right to strike."

"The summaries are a persecution of the directors who accompany the measures of force, it was something that we were complaining to the General Directorate of the School and closed the door, but Justice gave us the reason," said Suteba's deputy secretary, Maria. Laura Torre, and stressed that measures of force were a right and a claim for decent wages and building safety in schools.

In that sense, Torre recalled the case of Deputy Director Sandra Calamano, who died of an explosion at the Moreno School No. 49. "Sandra is not summarized because she lost her life, but other managers are, while no employee has an open resume to respond for life of Sandra, "said Suteba's assistant secretary.

Suteba's owner, Roberto Baradel, called for an "immediate fulfillment" of the decision that "the court made a parade to Vidal" and recalled another recent decision of the Judiciary in which it was established that "the four thousand pesos of presentismo" they have to pay all teachers ".

Finally, Baradel lamented that Vidal did not convene teachers before the end of the year when the salary discussion and school infrastructure and safety was pending, so he said that after the first assemblies to do in February the outlook for 2019 will be a continuity of the conflict.


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