A bolt from the blue! The Dancer says goodbye to a title candidate for a failed tribute


It can not be! The jury had no mercy on the pace of the tribute and a couple candidate will say goodbye to Dancing and will not be among the final seven.

Marcelo Tinelli called the eight couples finalists to the track and He announced that he will go to the next round with 23 points.

Ángel de Brito revealed his secret ballot and Lourdes Sánchez was saved (39 points), Soledad Fandiño (35), Cinthia Fernández (31) and Mica Viciconte (6).

The journalist's score was not enough to the other four couples who will have to fight a duel next Monday.

Those sentenced were Jimena Barón (22), María del Cerro (19), Sol Pérez (19) and, finally, the homage to Pixar by Julian Serrano and Sofía Morandi (11).



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