A 9-month-old baby drowned in a canvas pool in Neuquén


A 9-month-old baby played with her 2-year-old sister in a canvas pool in Neuquén when she drowned and died.

a girl wrong 9 months of life he lost his life after he drowned in a canvas sink, where he played with his 2-year-old sister. It happened in the town of Plottier, in Neuquén.

Horror: they found in an open field the corpse of a calcined baby

Yes well the baby She was revived and stabilized, despite her delicate image, when she arrived at the hospital she suffered a cardiac arrest and died around 3.30 pm yesterday. Police personnel arrived at the the baby alerted by a call and performed resuscitation tasks.

Now he is involved in the death of the baby Homicide Prosecutor's office, in charge of the prosecutor Sandra Riuxo, and the place where the incident that caused the death of the baby Criminal officers worked. The creature's body was transferred to the morgue for the corresponding autopsy.

At the moment it is unknown in what circumstances the death of the baby, as was specifically the episode that ended his life or because the two girls were playing – seemingly – alone in the sink.

Source: El Once.


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