70 points and reconstruction of the lower lip: the brutal kick that scared even the aggressor


The first stage of the playoffs final for the promotion of the Spanish League Santader between Deportivo La Coruña and Mallorca was marked by an injury that shocked the world of football by the brutality with which it occurred.

40 minutes of play, while the hosts won 1-0 on the scoreboard, Alex Bergantiños and Marc Pedraza were the protagonists of a split ball who killed the Depor man in the hospital.

They were 70 points received by the football player, who finished with the bottom lip destroyed and, despite his will, will be discarded for the game back on Sunday.

"His lower lip was broken and they rebuilt it", the president of Deportivo, Paco Zas, explained to the press after visiting the player in Hospital Modelo of A Coruña. "It's been spectacular, but it has not affected the jaw or teeth, so it's much better than it looked, "added counselor Jesús Chapela.

The desperate minutes were experienced at the Abanca-Riazor stadium when the midfielder He was lying on the grass with his bloody mouth. His rival, who noticed the difficult entry, ended up calling the assists on his own, before take your head and be comforted by the coach of "To put" José Luis Martí.

Finally, the soccer player was taken out of the field on a stretcher and Vicente Gómez entered his place to end the game that ended 2-0 in favor of Deportivo La Coruña. Now will face the game back next Sunday without their captain, who left the surgery room on Friday but did not contest the upcoming fight for the promotion.

"It's football thing, I had the bad luck to go to a broken ball, he went with his leg forward and hit me in the face. This is quiet, I already told him, and they are things that happen in the profession, "Bergantiños told the COPE network on Friday when asked about the accident.


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