Thursday , October 21 2021

6 Ways Travel Can Improve Your Health


If you like to stroll around the city or through nature, it is possible to walk 10 thousand steps a day. This number is approximately 6.5 kilometers for most people and is associated with moderate levels of exercise.

If you can also combine it with a bit of sightseeing or other activities, you will be doing a great favor to your overall health, and to your particular heart.

In 1948, the famous Framingham study interviewed women on the same subject and followed them for 20 years.

He found that women who took only one holiday, every six years, were eight times more likely to have a heart attack or develop coronary heart disease compared to women who went on vacation twice a year.

The results took into account risk factors such as obesity or smoking.

Another study by researchers at the State University of New York observed for 12 years 12,000 men who were at high risk of developing coronary heart disease.

Those who did not take annual leave were 32 percent more likely to die from a heart attack.

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