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With the passing of the hours and the addition of evidence from different investigative sources, the tragic episode that ended with the death of a Mariano Urtiaga (46) at the door bowling "Luna" begins to define itself in each of its details.

Only 16 minutes passed, as could be corroborated thanks to the images captured by the video cameras, between Urtiaga was expelled from the Independence bowling to 4400 and returned to take revenge against the security personnel.

This data, along with new evidence added to the cause, would show that the first to open fire was Urtiaga himself when he passed the front of "Luna" aboard his Peugeot 308 car.

The promoter Juan Pablo Lódola, in charge of the archive, confirmed to CAPITAL that the son of the owner of the nightclub, Sebastian Sosa (38), remains in custody and only on Thursday. Sosa appeared spontaneously on Tuesday afternoon, hours after the assassination, and admitted to police that he was the author of the shot that killed Urtiaga.

It is worth remembering that at dawn on December 25, Urtiaga attacked the bullet with bullets and when he escaped he was shot in the head, presumably by Sosa. As a result of the mortal wound, Urtiaga lost control of the vehicle and collided head-on with another Peugeot who was waiting for the signal from Independencia and Juan B. Just to give way.

Although Lódola has the first police records that report ballistic accidents in front of the premises, he has not yet received the reports of the specialists of the Scientific Police that will allow him to reconstruct the sequence with greater certainty.

For now, the images of the security camera of the bowling "Luna" caught several passages of what happened. First, there is a record of incidents inside the nightclub and the time when Urtiaga is expelled. Only 16 minutes later, around 5 in the morning, the exchange of shots is observed.

Impact of bullet on the driver's door of the Peugeot 398.

Bullet impact on the driver's door of the Peugeot 308.

Sosa is an Uruguayan citizen, son of the owner of the bowling alley, he would be an expert shooter, although this is a fact that has not yet been confirmed judicially because he has not testified. Perhaps this ability explains the goal in the shot with its 9-millimeter Glock weapon: the projectile entered through one of the two windows on the passenger side (both were low) and hit under the right ear of Urtiaga, to end soaked in the jaw .

There is still no official version of the events, but everything seems to be heading for a shootout initiated by Urtiaga and answered from the bowling gate by Sosa. It is worth remembering that the weapon used by Urtiaga is a 22 gauge pistol.

Ballistics experts should also explain why Urtiaga's car had a bullet hole in the driver's door (opposite to the origin of the Sosa shots) and, moreover, with an exit path. This could mean that Urtiaga's gun fired at the time of the accident.

The DDI Mar del Plata is responsible for gathering evidence for prosecutor Lodola, who on Wednesday accepted the Ombudsman's request to postpone Sosa's statement. "The detainee will be assisted by a state-provided lawyer, but there have been many cases of the Public Prosecutor's Office of Flagrance and they could not be present with Sosa," a court source said.


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