14 photos in zenith of the most emblematic stadiums of the Super League in Buenos Aires


"El Libertador de América" ​​by Eduardo Sacheri (writer): "La Doble Visera is my home of a lifetime and Libertadores is the house where I moved and hope to build good memories. the first thing I do, on the court or in my house, is to raise my arms and eyes to the sky, embracing my old man with all the rigors of fate and, above all, the betrayals of death. "

"The New Gasometer" by San Lorenzo by Marcelo Tinelli (driver): "San Lorenzo has a very rich history.It is a unique and unequaled feeling.I remember when I went with my father to the Old Gasometer by train every fifteen or twenty In the year 68, my father told me that we had delivered the lease and that we had not managed to win the cup. . "

"El Fortín" by Vélez Sarsfield, Nicolás Cabré (actor): "I became a supporter of Velez by Raul Gámez, who was my father's friend, we used to meet at the club to eat. On Sundays, we went to court to see and he wanted Raul's team to win, I ended up suffering when I lost and suddenly I became a defender of Velez I'm not sick, but I like it.It's a time when I come with friends and it reminds me of the time in which we were all together.It's a beautiful moment to be on the court, my daughter is fanatic. "

"The stadium of 1 and 57" by Estudiantes de La Plata by Federico D & # 39; Elia (actor): "My old family was" tripera "and Dad loved" Pincha ", friend of all the world champions I am happy that he took me to that side.For me, students, apart from fanaticism, is a club that somehow gave me more than football.I felt comfortable on the court, with a match or without a match. I escaped from school and went to stroll inside the empty stadium.


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