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Fight Stars for Android

At the end of 2018, we witnessed the arrival of one of the most anticipated mobile games of the year: Brawl Stars, Supercell's latest creation, the creators of the successful Clash Royale, Clash of Clans and other world-known titles, have landed on Android and iOS to engage millions of players around the world once again, on this occasion through Frenetic multiplayer battles in a fun and addictive game like few.

The premise of the game is basic: battles 3 vs 3 where the user can choose between 15 characters -or Brawlers- which they propose to us, each of them with a couple of special abilities that will be useful on some occasions, but in others they will need to combine with those of the other characters to gain the victory.

But as always in the Supercell games, Brawl Stars hides more secrets than we could imagine at first. Therefore, in this guide, we bring some the most useful tips and tricks so that anyone can start playing the best way possible for the one who is called to be one of the games of the year.

Tips and tricks for playing Brawl Stars

What does each gameplay consist of?

Brawl Stars includes several game modes, each of them totally different from the others.

  • Atrapagemas: 3 vs 3 battles, where you have to beat the rival team. Win the team that receives the 10 gems first. Trick: try to stay close to the crystal mines, it will be the place from which the gems will be generated.

  • Survival: battles alone or as a couple. Only one player can survive. The last to stand will be the winner.

  • Starfighter: 3 vs 3 battles where you have to take down the rivals and get the maximum number of stars. Win the team with more stars conquered.

  • Heist: 3 vs 3 battles, where you have to protect the safe from our team, while trying to open the rival.

  • Brawl Ball: The most curious game mode of Brawl Stars. Games 3 vs 3, where it will be necessary to score 2 goals in the opposite goal. Trick: Before attempting to score a goal, it is important to destroy all obstacles to make it easier for your teammates, especially if your player has the Super ability.

Choose your characters well, depending on the game mode

Brawl Stars, home screen

As I mentioned at the beginning, each character in Brawl Stars has a different skill from the others. This means that, technically, there are no Brawlers who are better than the rest, but some are more suitable than others for certain situations.

For example, in Atrapagemas mode, it is advisable to use those brawlers that have a higher rating, as well as those with Super skills since it is a mainly offensive mode of play.

Instead in Game Starfighter Game may be suitable for betting on those Brawlers with greater resilience, or that bear well the damage. Something similar happens in Brawl Ball, where the characters that support the damage better, besides those with better maneuverability, are the most recommended.

How to Unlock New Brawlers

Fight Stars, Characters

Of course You will not have access to all Brawlers as long as you start playing. Each of these must be unlocked as you progress through the game. There are now several ways to get new characters, which we'll see below. Before, it is advisable to familiarize yourself with all the characters that exist in the game and the category to which they belong:

Common Brawlers

  • Bo
  • Brock
  • Bull
  • Colt
  • Dynamike
  • Jessie
  • Nita
  • Shelly

Rare Brawlers

Super rare brawlers

Epic brawlers

Mythical Brawlers

Legendary Brawlers

When this is seen, it's time to unlock the new Brawlers. The first way out is receiving trophies, this will be given to us every time we win games. You have to take into account, yes, it is also possible to lose a trophy in case you lose the battles.

Depending on the trophies attained, some of the characters in the game will be unlocked – but you will not be able to unlock them this way. This is the official list of trophies to be obtained to unlock the different Brawl Stars Brawlers:

  • 10 trophies: Unlock Nita
  • 60 trophies: you unlock Colt
  • 250 trophies: Unlock bull
  • 500 trophies: you unlock Jessie
  • *1,000 trophies: unlock Brock
  • 2,000 trophies you unlock Dynamike

But this is not the only way to unlock Brawlers. It is also possible to make with precious stones, so you'd better keep them well if you want to unlock a specific character. Gems can also be purchased through payments in app inside the game, so the advice on this is to be aware of promotions and discounts on the price of jewels that are held frequently.

Finally, in Brawl Stars it is also possible Get Brawlers through the Boxes. In them, in addition to coins and power points, from time to time – and if there is luck – Brawlers will appear, especially in the Large Boxes and Mega Boxes.

The fastest way to raise your Brawlers level

As they say in BrawlStarsUp, unlike what happens in other Supercell games such as the Clash Royale, where level up to the maximum of players are forced to go through the box, or play for years, in the Brawl Stars is not strictly necessary to spend money and technically , It would be enough to play about a year to maximize the level of all Brawlers.

To get* raise the brawlers level quickly*, the most recommended way is to play 3 vs 3 game modes like Trappings, Brawl, Atraco and Bounty, especially if it's with a group of friends.

Practice with the bots before fighting in multiplayer games

In addition to the multiplayer mode, the Brawl Stars includes the possibility of playing against the AI ​​of the game. It is highly recommended that when you start playing for the first time, play several games against bots to become familiar with the controls, mechanics, attacks and other aspects to consider, or else it is very likely that when playing with other people around the world, you be a burden for your team not having the necessary experience In addition, playing against bots you'll also earn experience points and coins.

How to unlock Barley as soon as you start playing

Unlock Barley in Brawl Stars

If you just started playing Brawl Stars, you can unlock your first Brawler easily and without having to play a single game. For this, you only need Associate your Supercell ID with the game.

To do this, in the main game screen click the menu button in the upper right corner, and look for the button with the title "Supercell ID". When you sign in or create a new Supercell account, the game will reward you with this special brawler.

Enter the game daily to earn coins

As in other games, Brawl Stars rewards loyal players who enter the game daily. In this case, players will receive coins to perform the simplest tasks.

For example, when you access the game and reveal the next available event – in the upper right corner – you will receive 8 coins, even without having to play a game. On the other hand, The game will also give players coins simply to play the games of the current event.

And, of course, leveling our player account and the fighters themselves, will also allow us to get coins. Recalls that Coins are important, among other things, to open new boxes.

Test the different controls available

By default, character control in Brawl Stars occurs through some Virtual controls that appear to the left or right of the screen. However, in the game settings, you can modify this option and use a control mode based on the screen touches.

While the default mode is simple to use and intuitive enough for most, it is possible that you feel more comfortable using the alternative path. For this reason, we recommend that you give the two modes an opportunity and choose what most convinces you.

Watch the circles of your enemies and allies

During games, each of the Brawlers, allies and enemies, has a circle around them that, depending on their color – red or blue – indicates whether they are from the opposing team or ours, respectively.

In addition, that another extra circle appears around the character, this means that your special attack is availableand in the case of being an enemy, it is a good clue to get as far as possible from the Brawler in question, or else we could be very defeated.

Attack a little

POCO Brawl Stars

Among all Brawl Stars characters, Little is the only one able to heal the rest of his team members. Therefore, in game modes where numerical superiority is key, it is advisable to go to this Brawler to prevent it from regenerating the health of the rest of the Brawlers.

Regain Your Health

To be able to regenerate the health of the character after suffering damage, it is necessary to stay for a short period of time without attacking. Therefore, in case of an attack, it is best to take a step back from the battle line and find a safe place on the map, where to rest and regain lost health. Another trick that you may not know is that while you hide in the shrubs that exist on the map, the enemies will not be able to see you.

Familiarize yourself with each character

Unless you are already an experienced player and have unlocked all or nearly all of the fighters, you will not be able to play with them until you have progressed far enough. However, you can learn from their attacks, rank and abilities by playing against them.

Therefore, in games you should not only keep in mind the goal of the game, but also what characters you are facing, as well as your moves and abilities. This will be for future games where you'll find the same Brawlers again because you'll know what your weaknesses are and when you should stay away from them.

Practice your shots

Although the ammunition on Brawl Stars is unlimited – which does not mean you do not need to reload from time to time – it's always good to be sure the shots are accurate and totally effectiveand that bullets do not get lost on the way to the target.

Again, it is advisable to practice with bots, or in game modes, such as Heist, to practice shooting. Also, keep in mind that if you take a guided shot – keeping the red button pressed in the direction you want to shoot – it is recommended point to the direction the enemy is going, not to the point where you are at the moment you shoot.

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