Google still has issues with malware on Android and, above all, malicious apps from the Play Store. While it is normal for some users to suffer from such malicious applications from third-party sources, Google's task would be avoid as much as possible to sneak through your official store, as has happened on several occasions in the past. And it repeats itself again.

And according to several media reports, a number of malicious applications have invaded the Play Store and been downloaded by more than half a million users. This time they are 13 applications infected with malicious code which ended up on the initial screen of Android users under a totally legitimate aspect, also all downloaded from the official store.

In that sense, Google has been fast and has already eliminated malicious applications, but not before infecting half a million users who trusted the Google store as a legitimate source of applications. In fact, two of them were featured in the & # 39; trends & # 39; from the store:

In their totality, these are games that, with false promises, infect malware users' devices without them being aware at any time. Of course, most these applications were already suspect: games that display great graphics weighed less than the application of any social network and that, when executed, had no functionality, but the malware was already inside the terminal.

As we said, this is not the first time that Google and its users have been victims of this kind of practice: Last year, advertising malware was detected in 41 applications that affected 8.5 million to 36.5 million Android devices.

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