10 apps you can not miss before you start your journey


Nowadays the technology accompanies us everywhere and this facilitates a lot of movement in unknown places. Today, thanks to the large number of applications that exist for the Smartphone, we can have everything we need at our fingertips.

LA GACETA Viajes brings you the 10 apps you can not miss when you travel, as you can download Google Play and the AppStore for free.

1. Google Maps

One of the most useful applications to travel, it is easy to use and allows us to find where are the places that we want to reach, whether by car, public transport, bicycle or on foot. It also allows you to see information about the places we want to visit.

2. Uber
Uber does not work in as many places as conventional taxis, but its service is of good quality and effective. When you ask for the car, you put your departure place and where you want to go, Uber gives you a budget of how much the trip will cost, in addition, you also have information about your driver and a catalog with stars. They are slightly cheaper than ordinary taxis, the cars are stylish and clean.

3. Moovit
One of the applications for travelers that can not miss on your mobile phone is Moovit. Moovit includes the best routes, waiting times and real-time lines for all public transport in the city, and you can also activate notifications to find out how many stops are to your destination or when it is time to leave the transport. It has data from over 1,500 cities in 79 different countries.

4. tripadvisor
With Tripadvisor, we can see the ratings of other travelers from just about anywhere. I do not know if you can see a museum? Is this restaurant okay? What is the price? All of these questions with the Tripadvisor application will be resolved. It is an app with traveler ratings for travelers where there are pictures and comments from various people about the place.

5. Trazers
It is a very different application from the others. With Bring you can see through the eyes of others the places you want to visit. Travelers record small videos or audios that provide useful information about specific locations. With this, we can get an idea of ​​what is the place we want to go.

6. TuneIn
With TuneIn, you can have over 100,000 radio stations. So you can listen to what you want at any time and in any country. It's a way to listen to music and stay informed just by putting your headphones on while you travel, work, etc.

7. WeatherPro
With the WeatherPro application, you always have the weather forecast. It has a 7 day forecast in all parts of the world. A must on your cell phone if you want to know what clothes to take for your next trip.

8. Google Translate
Another Google application that can help us during our travels is the Google translator. You can write what you want to translate or use your camera phone to scan what you do not understand, even make the cell phone play what is written in audio, which is very good in some countries.

9. Currency XE
This application is the best with regard to currency trading. You can place any currency and do the conversion instantly. Perfect for knowing how much you are paying anywhere and whether the prices are consistent or not. The interesting thing is that it is updated in real time and not monthly like other applications. This way, you will always know how much your money is worth.

10. Splitwise
It is the perfect application for traveling with a group of friends or a very large family. With Spilitwise you can make groups and pay an equal amount. You will always know who you should and how much. The expenses are divided equally among all people and then you can change the amounts depending on whether someone paid more or less.


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