Thursday , October 21 2021

▷ According to Dietrich there is "zero possibility" of privatizing airlines


Transport Minister Guillermo Dietrich dismissed on Friday as "irresponsible" to the aeronautical unions the stoppage on Thursday and accused them of wanting to "maintain distorted privileges", while rejecting the possibility of privatizing Aerolineas Argentinas.

"Once again, we see tremendous irresponsibility of aeronautical union leadership, putting obstacles in the way of people and hurting Aerolineas Argentinas." On Thursday, all airlines flew except the airlines, they are not understanding the challenge we have to be a sustainable company, "Dietrich said.

After stating that "there are zero possibilities for privatization" of the airlines, the official said: "In the end, it is not clear why they stop.The only reality is that they end up stopping for what they call an assembly and, although they say it's for an hour, it ends up being ten. "

"The problem is that there was a system of historical privileges in which they defined who works and who does not work, they were distorted privileges and no longer decide on airlines or other companies, we are giving the discussion against these privileges," said the minister, in an interview with La Nación newspaper.

Likewise, he indicated that "the Aerolineas Argentinas team is in permanent dialogue" and that salary increases in the company "are among the best in comparison to any other activity."

"The president (Mauricio Macri) is right: in November we delivered (the equivalent of) two metrobuses so that the company can operate and pay the salaries, we have come from a virtuous path, reducing the subsidies by millions of dollars. price of oil and other variables (the dollar) caused that the tickets and, above all, the international flights, fell, "he explained.

The minister expressed himself in these terms after a measure of the force of workers of Aerolineas Argentinas and Austral left on Thursday about 30,000 passengers retained, while union leaders accused the government of trying to privatize the flag company due to the difficulties to reduce its operational deficit.

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