Zuma: "I resigned to save the ANC & # 39;


"I decided to resign before my term expired to save the ANC," former President Jacob Zuma said on Tuesday.

He was speaking to more than 1,000 Bhobhoyi residents in Port Shepstone on the south coast of KwaZulu-Natal at an ANC provincial election campaign event.

"The ANC NEC (National Executive Committee) told me to resign as president and they could not provide me with reasons when I asked them.I decided to save the ANC and I resigned.I saw that it would take us to a forest and we would fight between us, "he said.

"The ANC is more important than my pain and feelings," he said aloud.

He warned party supporters that they used ANC colors to "vote for the ANC and not the president".

"The ANC has not done anything wrong with you." There are conversations that some people are not happy about this and that or Zuma. the ANC to remain in the government, "he insisted.

& # 39; Errors happen & # 39;

Zuma warned members who thought they were "special because of power or because of their ideas" to "put the ANC first."

"We joined the ANC, the ANC did not join us. Our goal is to make it better than when we join it," he said.

The ANC committed "mistakes" in its tenure as a ruling party, Zuma acknowledged.

"Mistakes happen when you're working," he said.

He warned those who were "politicizing" in their criticism of the ANC and encouraged young people, especially those who had just turned 18, to vote in the ANC "instead of throwing their vote at sea" by deciding to vote in other parties.

"Do not vote for the other party that used to be led by that woman and now led by that boy, I forgot their names and party. Do not vote also in the other party led by that boy who is always red and talks too much," he said sarcastically

A former president is not a "king"

He was apparently referring to former AD leader Helen Zille and current leader Mmusi Maimane as well as EFF leader Julius Malema.

"The other party until recently defeated the other woman of color in Cape Town." She left at the end as they continued to tease her.

He was referring to the former mayor of Cape Town, Patricia de Lille, who recently resigned from his post and also left the prosecutor to form a new political party.

Zuma also criticized the former presidents of the party.

"Being a former president means nothing. That does not mean you're a king," he said.

He suggested that they should respect the current leadership of the party, saying that he was under the leadership of the provincial secretary Mdumiseni Ntuli during the campaign event in Port Shepstone.

You do not mean that when you've had a position, you're a king now It does not mean a thing. That's why they use 'ex', they now say 'useless', you're an ex, "he said before getting into his laughter.


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