Yanga, from Idols SA, has a very different plan with the R1m cash prize!


Johannesburg – Winner of Season 14 of idols, Yanga Sobetwa (17) has great plans for her life, including getting into entertainment law, getting her PhD in music, opening her own producer and starting a music academy – but first she'll "freeze" her gains from R1m, work on releasing her album premieres Gallo and goes on tour.

In the 14th record season of the show produced by [sic] Entertainment once again saw a huge audience on the M-Net Mzansi Magic channel on Sunday nights and again broke the record of votes with more than 142 million total votes, Yanga as the youngest competitor this season, faced Thato Makape as the oldest.

The Delft girl, who lives near season 13 winner Paxton Fielies, won the title Sunday night in front of a crowded audience at Carnival City during the live broadcast.

"I'm a lease girl – very simple – and I feel like I do not deserve to be here.I did not do anything to deserve to be here, but I feel really blessed because people feel that I deserve to be here.And I feel really privileged and it's really blessed and it's really humiliating, "said Yanga Sobetwa at the Idols post-show press conference on Sunday night.

Channel24 She asked him what made her click with Thato.

"Thato and I were not so close at the beginning of the competition, but as Idols continued and we both worked together in the duets and everything, I knew him the most and we both talked about our lives, and it's been cool being a great guy and he deserves to be where he is now. "

Asked about her plans and the next, she said, "I am planning to continue my studies." I am a book girl.I have so many skills and dreams that I want to fulfill, such as entertainment laws.I am planning to freeze money for up to a year and just live on money and possible sponsorship. "

"My 10-year plan that I organized before Idols is that I would like to have a PhD in music, and I would like to open my own production company and a music academy as well – that's what I definitely still want to do," he said. Yanga.

"I've always had a vision for myself.My vision is to bring teenagers closer to God through music, so it's been the vision before Idols and it does not have to change now." So the gospel all the way and gospel pop ".

Channel24 Yanga asked what her family meant to her during the competition and how she felt about bringing them to this new TV and entertainment industry that she has now become part of.

"I went to the audition and was alone with my older sister and my father," she explains.

"They were very supportive from the start, and then, when the competition started, I finished in the Top 16, so my mom also kicked in and she said" This is really working! " Sundays, when I saw them in the crowd, I felt that my heart was melting, because many 17-year-olds can not make their parents proud. "

"The other day I saw my parents in a picture in the newspaper and my dad was smiling and I felt my heart melting and crying, I feel very humble for having been in the Idols as a competition because my parents are really proud.



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