World Rugby strives to explain the thinking of the World League


Cape Town – World Rugby has been struggling to release a media statement after an unprecedented series after reports surfaced that they gave the green light for the creation of a "World League" that would effectively end the days of games outside the "Big 12" selected.

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In the statement posted on its website, World Rugby stated:

World Rugby recognizes and values ​​the importance of players' considerations and contributions in the annual discussions on international competition.

However, the way the International Rugby Players (IRP) organization has expressed this is surprising given the regular involvement throughout this ongoing process. World Rugby's commitment to players' welfare issues is unshakeable and we will continue to engage and consider the well-being of players within the ongoing discussions.

It is inappropriate to comment on specific details, while wider stakeholder consultation, including the IRP, is ongoing. However, it is important to note that some assumptions made in the proposed competition structure statement are imprecise and that important issues such as loading opportunities and emerging countries are at the core of the constructive dialogue on the general concept.

Consumer surveys confirm that a structured annual competition would increase the likelihood of fans and the new audience watching, participating and interacting with international rugby, exposing the sport to new fans around the world. There is also no doubt that a structured annual international competition would bring significantly larger global media revenue for reinvestment in the global game. This project has in its heart long-term growth and stability, not short-term gains, and this includes greater opportunity for players.

As instructed by our Executive Committee and trade unions, we remain committed to a process of constructive dialogue with all stakeholders, including the IRP, to provide a model that ensures the best possible competition and business results for all, and a truly exciting annual report. significant. international competition structure that is great for players, clubs, fans and unions.


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