World League ready to change the face of international rugby?


Cape Town – Reports suggest that a World League could see international rugby completely renewed from as early as 2020.

According to a report in the New Zealand Herald, 12 international rugby nations – including the Springboks – It is understood that they are interested in fetching the product, which can be signed as early as next month.

New Zealand, Australia, Argentina, England, Ireland, Wales, Scotland, Italy, France, Japan and USA are the other 11 sides, which means that all sides of the Pacific Islands – Fiji, Samoa and Tonga – would be excluded .

The article adds that each participating nation would earn between $ 10 and $ 14 million per season in broadcast transactions.

The Rugby Championship would still happen every year but would become a one-round competition that would include Japan and the US.

With scheduling and travel, obvious obstacles to the idea, the sides of the Six Nations would travel to the Southern Hemisphere in June or July to play three randomly allocated tests.

Southern countries would travel north to compete for three other nations in the northern hemisphere in November, bringing the total number of tests in a year to 11, before all four teams in the tournament play the semifinals and the final.

If the World League comes to fruition, it will be the biggest change that international rugby has faced since the beginning of the professional era.


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