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Woman receives keys to council house after 26 years of waiting – thrown out an hour later

By Velani Ludidi Article publication time8h ago

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Cape Town – Gertrude Williams, 57, found that her 26-year wait for a home was over when she received an SMS from the municipality telling her to collect keys to a home in the Belhar-Pentech Housing Program.

She ran to city offices and received papers to sign in December 2019.

His excitement was short-lived, as he was told to return the keys, not even an hour after he was home.

“I was confused, I was approved. She (the employee) said that my sister must first vacate the municipal apartment, which is registered in the name of my late mother. “

Her mother passed away in 2005 and Gertrude lives in the Bellville South apartment with her sister, 53, and their five children.

The house in the Belhar-Pentech Housing Program was denied to Gertrude Williams. Photo: Velani Ludidi

“I was devastated, you can imagine being excited just to be disappointed again. Where will my sister go if they keep the apartment? I don’t understand this and it’s not like the apartment is under my name. “

She tried to get help from the Housing Department, but to no avail: “The last email I received from (Mayco Member for Human Settlements) Malusi Booi said the matter was closed and they will not entertain me again.”

Booi says that Gertrude needs to vacate one of the houses: “The city can only allocate a house in Breaking New Ground (BNG) to Ms. Williams after she has vacated her home from the Community Residential Unit (CRU), as explained to she.

“Residents cannot qualify or live in two government subsidized housing opportunities at the same time.

“The selection of beneficiaries for city housing projects is done in accordance with the City Allocation Policy and the City Housing Needs Register to ensure that housing opportunities are allocated to qualified beneficiaries in a fair and equitable manner.”

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