Wednesday , April 14 2021

Where to report noise makers this festive season

Failure to obey an order to stop loud noise is a criminal offense and can lead you to hot water.

With the festive season approaching, residents are reminded to be alert to social activities that may cause them to conflict with noise-control laws and regulations in the city of Ekurhuleni.

Sound pollution is divided into two categories, namely disturbing noise and noise, which are banned, said Themba Gadebe, a spokesman for the subway.

Sound pollution is governed by the statutes of the police services of the city of Ekurhuleni and by the noise control regulations of Gauteng.

The regulations distinguish between disturbing noise and noise disturbance. For an act to be defined as disturbing noise, it must meet a technical test, such as measuring above the defined noise level for that designated area, or, if designated areas are not defined, noise must have risen above measurement or classification defined in the Bureau of Standards Publication No. 0103 of South Africa.

A sound meter will be used to determine the noise level.

On the other hand, noise is described as any sound that disturbs or harms or may disturb or detract from the convenience or tranquility of any person. It is a subjective test that depends on the impact that the noise causes or can cause on the person who hears that noise, Gadebe said.

Disturbing noises, noise disturbances or disturbances of peace can be caused by the way of driving a vehicle, operating or playing a radio, television set, battery, musical instrument, fireworks, operating a grinder, shouting, singing, etc.

The police status of the city of Ekurhuleni, in addition to the prohibited acts described in the Gauteng Noise Regulation, classifies the prohibited acts caused by noise or disorderly behavior as disturbing the peace.

Those who violate Ekurhuleni City Police Statutes may be fined in amounts not exceeding R $ 2,000, or imprisonment not exceeding six months, or both.

Before the conviction, the person whose behavior is claimed is issued a notice to stop the misdemeanor within a specified period. The regulations provide for tougher sanctions in case of conviction for contravention.

It prescribes a fine not exceeding R20 000, or imprisonment not exceeding two years, or both. In case of continued violations, the regulations provide for new sanctions.

"Those who will be attending celebrations of any nature that involve noise generation should be considerate of other residents who must also have room to enjoy the festive season. The city will not hesitate to deal with those who allegedly violated applicable laws and regulations, "said MMC for community services, Clr Dora Mlambo.

Violation of these laws can be reported to the Ekurhuleni Subway Police Department (EMPD), which may issue a warning instructing the noise maker to stop. Failure to comply with the notice is a crime that would be dealt with accordingly.

Residents can contact the Ekurhuleni Emergency Services (EMS) call center on 011 458 0911 to report incidents.

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