What are the best holiday hostels in the world?


An idea worth checking out?

In a viral Facebook post, a Texas man says he is choosing to live his days at a Holiday Inn as opposed to a nursing home.

"No rest home for us. We'll be in a Holiday Inn! "Said Terry Robison. At the moment, the post received more than 90,000 reactions and more than 121,000 shares.

With his senior discount, free breakfast, and happy hour, Robison estimates hotel stays would cost $ 59.23 a night, unlike the other estimate of the $ 188 / day cost of a mid- this is clearly a rip off. "That leaves $ 128.77 a day for lunch and dinner at any restaurant we want, or room service, laundry, gratuities, and special TV movies," Robison said.

Robison points out that most properties have free amenities such as toothpaste, razors and shampoo, and "$ 5 in tips per day and you'll have the entire team struggling to help you."

The great thing about this retirement plan, says Robison, is that "you are not stuck in one place forever – you can switch from Inn to Inn, or even from town to town."

Facebook users were more than encouraging in the comments section of the post. "I agree with you, the hotel also washes the sheets and towels, and in some places you have to wash everything," one user wrote.

In addition, Robison says that if an older person, like him, falls and breaks his hip, the Holiday Inn is supposed to upgrade to a suite for the rest of his life.

Another user says that Robison is not the first to have that idea. "I like the way you think! BTW – I actually met an old lady since she was living in a Hampton Inn. She was quite happy.

We believe that Terry's mobile retirement plan is so incredible that we have selected several Holiday Inn retirement destinations that fit into your budget of $ 188 / night.

  • Holiday Inn Express & Suites Panama City Beach – Beachfront, we found prices starting at $ 174.80 / night. Although Panama City can be quite congested with tourists around spring break, the beach and natural beauty are certainly welcoming, especially for the retirees who have flocked to the area in recent years.
  • Holiday Inn Knoxville Downtown, find rates starting at $ 119 / night. A 2017 study found that Knoxville is the first place to retire early among US cities!
  • Holiday Inn: NYC – Lower East Side, we find prices starting from $ 162.50 / night. If you're a New Yorker at heart (and not open to the idea of ​​moving around), the eclectic energy of the Lower East Side will surely keep you alert and this property will not break the budget.
  • Holiday Inn Harborview – Port Washington, find rates starting at $ 86 / night.
  • Holiday Inn Express Suites Gulf Shores, find prices from $ 84.55 / night. Beautiful, quiet beaches with perfect sand – what more could you want from a retirement location? Cost of living cheap? Done!
  • Holiday Inn Express Boise Downtown, find rates starting at $ 93 / night. Boise is the 10th safest city in America, according to the Cheat Sheet, and the third "best race," according to WalletHub.

If Terry is feeling adventurous and plans to take his retirement plans abroad, he could experience these beautiful cities with the remarkable Holiday Inns: London (the Kingston South Holiday Inn costs $ 74 / night), Nice (the Holiday Inn in this French town starts at $ 97 / night), or Malta (yes, there is even a Holiday Inn on this beautiful island and starts at $ 58 / night).


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