Watch NASA land InSight spacecraft on Mars


NASA's InSight spacecraft landed successfully on Mars and will soon begin work on the planet's research.

InSight means Exploring Interiors using Seismic Investigations and is equipped with instruments to study the interior of the planet.

The probe will also examine seismic activity, such as marsquakes, meteorite impacts and sandstorms, and track the oscillation of the Mars North Pole using a pair of antennas.

InSight was initially launched in May 2018 and landed successfully on the surface of Mars last night.

Once the probe's solar panels are deployed correctly, it will begin to deploy its instruments and collect data that may be crucial for future missions on Mars.

Recent discoveries in technology have accelerated the timeline for human colonization of Mars, according to Elon Musk.

Speaking of a recent interview with HBOMusk said there is now about a 70% chance that he can move to Mars.

Watch the control of NASA's mission successfully land the InSight spacecraft below.

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