WATCH: Getting drunk on hot breads? Officials deny shocking allegations of traffic cops in training video


South Africans are clutching the planned Easter festivities after two Eastern Cape transit agents have stated in a video that eating hot dumplings made in a supermarket will result in a test reading lifted from the vent that could cause problems.

The Nelson Mandela Bay municipality official is seen doing a test before and after chewing the rolls, which appears to show an increase in the alcohol content in respiration from zero to 0.21 mg per 1 000 ml.

However, according to county spokesman Kupido Baron, the clip is only a part of a training video and citizens can safely enjoy all of their non-alcoholic treats this weekend.

"There's no way you'd be arrested for eating a hot coke."

Only one half of the video shown

Warren Prins, Head of Traffic and Licensing, explained.

"When a breathalyzer test is done immediately after eating a coke, it registers a high level of alcohol because of the effects of all these elements on the content of the breath," Prins said.

"However, when a test is performed one minute later, it re-registers a reading of 0.00. The video in social media shows only the first part of a test to illustrate the variables that police officers should keep in mind test citizens with breathalyzer devices. "

Prins said the training video was made to show the difference between a mouth-lung sample.

"The video reading, similar to a video made in Australia earlier, indicates a mouth sample rather than a lung sample."

Drivers should not be alarmed

He said the screening device used in the video detected an alcohol read from the mouth since it is designed to catch any small amount of alcohol.

"For example, if you spill alcohol in your mouth, it will be recorded on the screening device, even if you have not ingested alcohol. Drivers should not be alarmed, as police-conducted tests must be done according to prosecutorial guidelines law enforcement officers who require a blood sample.

"Please enjoy your hot buns and pickled fish, but be aware that we will be in full force to deal with anyone transgressing our traffic laws this Easter weekend."


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