Friday , October 22 2021

Van Damme to Zille in an epic confrontation on the racist incident V & A Waterfront: "I do not prostrate myself with bullies"


The former DA leader began a discussion between her and DA's Phumzile van Damme, on Sunday.

Twitter user @Alettaha was the spark that put everything into action after stating that Van Damme was the aggressor in a "racist incident" that won the headlines last week.

In the incident, Van Damme punched a young man "in self-defense" after he entered his space and allegedly said "voetsek black" and threw the phone down.

Zille then replied to @Alettaha, saying, "It is difficult, under such circumstances, to find out where the truth is."

Zille also said people who were also involved in the incident may be too scared to introduce themselves.

This triggered the twar, with Van Damme responding.

And this is what follows:

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