Saturday , April 17 2021

Tyra Banks Iconic Remixed Song "Be a Star" for actual size 2

Shine, shine away, do not be shy – be a star!

Real sizeThe iconic 2000 movie, in which Lindsay Lohan gave life to a plastic toy while experiencing necromancy, is finally getting her long-awaited sequel this year. Although Lohan has not been confirmed as appearing, Tyra Banks is the first and the first sequel, once again feasting on her Barbie doll role.

To mark the occasion, Banks remixed Life-Size Bop Certified "Be a Star" to give a modern update featuring New Fear's Eve. "We're messing around a bit … it's a bit of a musical trap," Banks EW.

Although most of the music is a major departure from the original song, it retains some elements of the beloved classic of the '00s, that is, it is a catchy chorus and a brilliant message, shining away, not being timid and instead being one star.

"There's a lot of meaning behind that song," Banks said. "It's a song of empowerment. It's about owning who you are, without apologizing.

The new music video still includes Real size"Be a star" dance move in which Banks stands with his feet apart and raises his palm to the sky, symbolic of raising our spirits and raising us to a higher plane, because we are all stars.

Banks's memorable pink cardigan, white fringes and blunt fringes also return, though, in the style of fashion dolls, the Banks go through flashy catwalk clothing. In the city, at the mall, Eve loves fashion.

In the first movie, & # 39; Be A Star & # 39; was the theme song for Eve, presented in commercials for the doll and sung by full-size Eve during a business party because the dolls do not know when it is not appropriate to get up and sing about how great you are.

Actual Size 2 debuts in the US on December 2. We do not know when to get to Australia, but no matter where we live, where we are, we are stars.

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