[TV Review] The Dark Lord Gives Part 2 of "Chilling Adventures of Sabrina" Darker focus and confidence


Netflix Part 1 Sabrina Cool Adventures left viewers at the bottom of a very complex world of unpretentious witches, witches, and mortals. Half Witch Sabrina Spellman (Kiernan Shipkafought to navigate both worlds; Your Love From Your Friends And Boyfriend Harvey Kinkle (Ross LynchHe kept her on the moral path of justice that came into direct conflict with her rite of passage into the dark world of Satan worshiping witchcraft. It was further complicated by several demons, witches with resentments and the general tribulations that come with adolescence.

At the end of Part 1, Sabrina made the final sacrifice to save those she loved, finally agreeing to sign the Book of the Beast, irrevocably committing herself to the Dark Lord in exchange for power. This decision meant that Sabrina finally chose a side (instead was chosen for her), bringing a more confident focus and sense of identity to the series that was not there before.

Fearful of how her promise to the Dark Lord could affect her friends, Sabrina leaves her mortal high school behind and devotes herself entirely to her studies at the Academy of the Invisible Arts. That's not to say your friends have been forgotten – Roz, Susie and Harvey have their own stories as they try to figure out who they are in Sabrina's absence. That Mary Wardwell, revealed as Madame Satan at the end of Part 1, remains the director of high school who gives the necessary link between the worlds.

Yet events in the mortal world are kept to a minimum as Sabrina descends into darkness and temptation. Through their inexperience, we learn more about the ways of the witching world, but this time it seems much more organic. There is also a new growth relationship between Sabrina and the popular wizard Nick Scratch (Gavin Leatherwood), which brings unique challenges of its own. For those who are concerned that this presents the tiresome plot of the love triangle, do not fear; both Harvey and Sabrina are actively trying to move ahead of each other. And Harvey still has a lot of unresolved anger. So, at least in the first five episodes exhibited before the release of Part 2, the cliché love triangle is non-existent. At least now as you think.

The true triangle of the series is that which was suggested in Part 1, although Sabrina herself remains unconscious, between Madame Satan, Sabrina and the Dark Lord. Sabrina's commitment to him means he's in the show a lot more than before, adding new layers to the key characters and pushing through the all-encompassing mystery of why Sabrina is so important to him. This is the direct line from Part 2, and writers effectively use this as a focal point from which to unfold the arcs of the characters in a much safer way. Part 2 seems like a continuous story now, instead of a series built around monster-like episodes of the week. The downside is that the more the Dark Lord speaks, the less dangerous he feels.

Everything you loved in Part 1 is still there. The tributes and visual references to the horror always remain predominant. Search for veterans of terror Veronica Cartwright (Foreign, Invasion of body thieves) and Ray Wise (Reaper, Twin Peaks, Swamp Thingin guest appearances, both delightfully amusing themselves with the stranger. The monsters, Goetic demons and witches celebrate family holidays are all there too. And the strange blurry focus camera tricks distracted in Part 1? They were shortened a long time ago.

With introductions to both the characters and the world out of the way, Part 2 is able to stretch their narrative legs now. It's not just the general war for Sabrina's soul that gives her focus, but that each character has their own journey that has something of value to contribute. Sabrina Cool Adventures it is best when you focus on the story and character along deviations to the ever-growing world of witches; the rhythm and rhythm are close to perfection until episode four interrupts the progress to a crazy fun that explores the fears of the main characters. The first five episodes of Part 2 reveal a much more confident series that is getting comfortable in his dark and satanic skin. Stories have become more focused and optimized as they enhance their core themes. For all that does well, the series still sadly neglects poor Salem. For those who expect more from our favorite witch, well, you're still out of luck. While episode 5 ends on a note that drastically changes the course for Sabrina, again, of course Sabrina Cool Adventures is getting it right and it will be exciting to see how your story continues to unfold.

Part 2 of Sabrina Cool Adventures arrives on Netflix on April 5th.


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