Trump threatens immigrants with threats that roam stones in the US military


US President Donald Trump warned on Thursday that soldiers deployed on the Mexican border were shot by Central American immigrants who illegally crossed to cut stones.

Trump told reporters in the White House that thousands of immigrant groups who went to Mexico to the US border had thrown "a fight and violence" at the Mexican police.

"We will not hire to throw a sword to our army, our military struggle," he said.

"I told them [troops] think about it [a rock] a rifle. When throwing rocks like the Mexican military and the police, I say it means a weapon.

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Trump argued about his controversial policy of opposing illegal immigration.

Hypothetical situations

Pentagon spokesman Lieutenant Colonel Jamie Davis stated that the military does not deal with the hypothetical situations of applying force, "but our forces are trained professionals who always have the right to self-defense."

"I would also like to emphasize that our forces are supporting DHS / CBP, who carry out law enforcement activities," he added, referring to the frontline of the Ministry of Homeland Security, Customs and Border Protection.

Trump pointed to rhetoric before the congressional elections on Tuesday, accusing the opposition Democrats of opening up borders to flooding "hard people", "violent" and other kinds of threats.

The current focus of the President's reiteration of the "invasion" action is the few thousand impoverished migrant groups who want to go north but far from the US border.

Trump said that the United States will now abolish its policy that will allow people to seek political asylum along the border unless they have gone through an official border checkpoint.

Those on the border are kept in camps or other facilities until they are removed or approved for approval.

Critics say that such a radical reflection on asylum policies could violate existing laws.

But Trump rejected it.

"It's completely legitimate, no, we stop people at the border, it's an invasion, and no one is questioning it," he said.

"We will be implementing an enforcement order next week," he said, and even less detailed.

Though Trump has been increasingly alert to immigration chaos, the government issues figures on Wednesday that in 2018 only 400,000 people were seized at the border, in 2000, about 1.6 million.

According to Trump, he was not an immigrant but immigration had to be completely subordinated.

"Massive uncontrolled immigration is particularly unfair to so many wonderful law-abiding immigrants who are already waiting for the rules and expectations," he said.

"Some people have been waiting for many years, some have been waiting for a long time, they've done everything right and they will come in."

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