Trevor Noah's Live Response to Trump Union State Speech [Video] –



If you had to summarize Donald Trump's (SOTU) first state address, that image above is a pretty decent effort.

The Republicans stood up and cheered continuously – probably because they know the president will watch all the filming during his "Executive Time" and take the names of those who did not watch – and the Democrats were not too impressed.

Even when they cheered, it did not always seem genuine, with Nancy Pelosi leading the charge. Yes, she clearly adopted the method "sarcastically palms" to show her aversion:

Probably will not fix the relationship between Donnie and Nancy.

After the conclusion of the State of the Union address, Trevor Noah went live to give his opinion on what happened.

Advance to the 5:10 mark, because that's where the action begins:

I give him a matter of hours until Donald wakes up and begins to retweet someone who praised his address.

For a more concise view of SOTU, there is also Jimmy Kimmel:

The show continues.



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