Tom Moyane rediscovering Sars "would be a catastrophe"


While Moyane's Constitutional Court tried to suspend disciplinary proceedings against him or Nugent's commission failed, because he had not established grounds for direct access or exclusive jurisdiction, the judges said he still had "other means available."

Evidence before the Nugent commission over the past eight months has shown how Moyane, along with consultants Bain,
implemented a long-range restructuring of the Sars operating model.

This has resulted in dozens of experienced employees being purged or marginalized and eroded the ability of the tax agency to dismantle major units.

"The Sars reparation process can not start properly until a permanent successor has been appointed as the new commissioner. Until then, Sars will cripple the cost
of society at large, "Nugent said in the statement." It is crucial "that a new commissioner be appointed without delay to allow the organization to implement a" long-term strategy, "he said.

Moyane has suspended a decade-long Sars modernization strategy, leading to four years of neglect of the tax agency's IT systems, Nugent said, noting that only a new commissioner would be able to provide adequate motivation for the Treasury. negligence.

Nugent said the evidence indicated that without intervention, the electronic filing system would be "compromised" within two years.

There was more evidence, he said, that the commission received after issuing its interim report, which pointed to "serious fault" that "goes beyond mere recklessness."

He did not reveal the new allegations because Moyane had not yet responded to them.

The argument on the matter will be heard in the higher court in Pretoria on December 4 and 5 after the parties agreed to change the date as of November 27.

Nugent, who was due to submit his final report to Ramaphosa on Friday, said in his testimony that he would ask for an extension.

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