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This marvelous self-inflatable drug can facilitate weight loss

WASHINGTON DC. [USA]Scientists have developed a self-inflating capsule called EndoPil, which helps with weight loss to combat the growing global obesity epidemic.

The research was presented at Digestive Disease Week.

EndoPil, measuring about 3cm by 1cm, has an outer gelatin wrapper containing an empty balloon, a filling valve with a stuck magnet and a harmless acid and a salt stored in separate compartments in an inner capsule.

Designed to be swallowed with a glass of water, the capsule enters the stomach, where the acid within the breaks opens the outer gelatin shell of the capsule.

Its location in the stomach is determined by a magnetic sensor. An external magnet measuring 5cm in diameter is used to attract the magnet attached to the inflation valve by opening the valve. This mechanism prevents premature insufflation of the device while in the esophagus, or late insufflation after entering the small intestine.

"The valve opening allows the acid and salt to mix and react, producing carbon dioxide to fill the flask. Safe ingredients for the kitchen have been chosen as a precaution to ensure that the capsule remains harmless after leaks," said Louis. Phee, one of the researchers.

In case of an emergency, the balloon can be emptied by command with an external magnet.

As the balloon expands with carbon dioxide, it floats to the top of the stomach, the portion that is most responsive to fullness. Within three minutes, the balloon can be inflated to 120ml. It can be emptied magnetically to a size small enough to enter the small intestine.

Its magnetically activated inflation mechanism causes a reaction between a harmless acid and a salt stored in the capsule, which produces carbon dioxide to fill the balloon.

"This orally administered self-inflatable weight loss capsule could represent a non-invasive alternative to combat the growing global obesity epidemic," Phee said.

Another alternative chosen for moderately obese patients and those who are too ill to undergo surgery is an intragastric balloon, an established weight loss intervention that must be inserted into the stomach through endoscopy under sedation.

It is removed six months later, through the same procedure. As a result, not all patients are open to this option because the balloon must be inserted into the stomach through endoscopy and under sedation.

It is also common for patients who opt for the intragastric balloon to experience nausea and vomiting, with up to 20% requiring early balloon removal due to intolerance. The stomach may also become accustomed to prolonged balloon placement, making the balloon less effective for weight loss.

The viability of EndoPil was tested in a preclinical study, in which a larger prototype was inserted into a pig. The results showed that the pig with the capsule inflated in the stomach lost 1.5 kg a week later, while a control group of five pigs gained weight.

"The main advantage of EndoPil is its simplicity of administration.All you need is a glass of water to help you down and a magnet to activate it.We are now trying to reduce the size of the prototype and improve it with a natural decompression mechanism. " We anticipate that such characteristics will help the capsule achieve broad acceptance and benefit patients with obesity and metabolic diseases, "added Phee.

According to researcher Lawrence Ho, "The compact size and simple activation of EndoPil, using a portable external magnet, can pave the way for an alternative that can be administered by doctors, even in the outpatient clinic and primary care. hospital and economy for the patients and health system. "

Each capsule should be removed within a month, allowing shorter treatment cycles to ensure that the stomach does not get accustomed to the presence of the balloon.

As the occupational effect of stomach space is gradually achieved, the side effects caused by sudden inflammation such as vomiting and discomfort can be avoided.

The team is now working on programming the capsule to biodegrade and deflate after a stipulated period of time before being expelled by the body's digestive system. This includes the incorporation of a drain plug at the end of the internal capsule that can be dissolved by stomach acid, allowing carbon dioxide to drain. In case of an emergency, the balloon can be emptied by command with an external magnet.

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