This charity SA raised more than R 400,000 in ten days


Prince Harry and Meghan Markle (Instagram, @sussex

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle (Instagram, @sussexroyal)

  • The South Africa Charity Fund Fund raised $ 30,000 in ten days after receiving support from Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.
  • The Royals asked fans to donate to charities like the Lunchbox Fund instead of sending gifts for the birth of their first child.
  • Lunchbox said the new donations allow them to prepare 120,000 additional meals for the 27,000 children they feed daily in South Africa.
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After Prince Harry and Meghan Markle asked fans to donate to the South African charity Lunchbox Fund, the non-profit organization raised more than $ 30,000, or about $ 420,000, in ten days.

This will allow him to prepare an additional 120,000 meals for the 27,000 children he feeds daily in South Africa, said Sue Wildish, Director of the Lunchbox Fund, Business Insider South Africa.

Earlier this month, Harry and Meghan asked in a post on Instagram that instead of sending gifts for the birth of their first child, fans should make a donation to one of four charities.

The Lunchbox Fund was on its list, along with the Little Village HQ food and clothing bank in Italy, the WellChild non-profit organization in the UK and the Baby2Baby child care agency in the USA.

"If you have already made a donation, the couple send you their biggest thanks," read the legend of the Instagram post.

"If you are thinking about this, they ask you to consider the following organizations you have selected, which will be highlighted here in the next few days."

Wildish said they were first contacted by the Duchess's office on April 4. One representative said that Meghan saw her work and would like to know more.

After a brief conversation with his team, Wildish heard a day after the Duchess's office asked for images that could be used on social networks.

The Duchess's office e-mail said, "The Duke and Duchess of Sussex are inspired by the work that the Lunchbox Fund does and would like to highlight their organization by highlighting it through their newly created instagram channel. .

The channel Instagram of Meghan and Harry was officially released on April 2.

(Instagram, @thelunchboxfund)

(Instagram, @thelunchboxfund)

Wildish said that since the rank of royalty, they have received contributions from 320 supporters in 13 countries.

"This is incredible for a charity that is based in South Africa," Wildish said. "This allows us to serve 600 children a hot meal every school day for a full school year."

The Lunchbox Fund was launched in 2005 to feed 100 children at a secondary school in Soweto, and today has a feeding program in all provinces in South Africa.

(Instagram, @thelunchboxfund)

(Instagram, @thelunchboxfund)

Wildish explained that school feeding programs have proven to increase school enrollment, daily attendance, and retention rates.

She said the actual support has proven that they have their priorities clear and have an honest intention.

"This is modern philanthropy: practical and committed; catch who you are and what you do and turn it into a sustainable vehicle for change. "

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