The shepherd of the resurrection wants the truth to be revealed


Alph Lukau, pastor of Alleluia Ministries, who would have resurrected a man in a coffin over the weekend, wants to clear his name.

This comes after church leader Incredible Happenings, Paseka "Mboro" Motsoeneng, issued a statement in the media in which he and the Association of Funeral Directors (Safpa) expressed their displeasure with "such an act because of fame and fast cameras."

Mboro announced that he would confront Lukau for "bringing Christianity into disrepute," but he was not allowed to enter the church site when he went there.

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Now Lukau, through his lawyers, wrote to Safpa, claiming that the statements made in the press release were "prejudicial statements that are clearly defamatory."

News24 saw Sim's letter from Sim & Botsi Attorneys Inc.

The letter states that the Alleluia issued a statement revealing its version and that Motsoeneng disregarded it when it issued its media statement.

"In addition, you will notice that our customers made it clear in the statement that they deny allegations made by the burial-halls to our customers being accomplices in any misrepresentation." Indeed, our customers have denied any involvement with these funeral homes at all, "he said. the letter.

A separate letter was sent to Mboro.

Through his lawyers, Lukau proposed to meet with Safpa and work with her to investigate the allegations, "exposing those who have illegally attempted to implicate our clients in any irregularities."

"We have no doubt that, working together, the truth will be discovered and that if any offense is exposed, the perpetrators will be brought to the book."

"In addition, we urge you to distance yourself from the statements made by Mboro / Incredible Happenings Church as our client would like to work with Safpa in opposition to the litigation against Safpa."

Mboro has filed a fraudulent charge against Alleluia church leaders at the Sandton police station.

Lukau said on Wednesday that the man was alive when he arrived at the church.

Speaking to Power Drive presenter of Power Drive, Thabiso Tema, Lukau said he was busy with a sermon Sunday when it was stopped and told that a person in a coffin had been taken to church.


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