The New York Medical College presents the "medical" rating of Sibusiso Ernest Khoza


The Khoza family in Johannesburg Vlakfontein accepted the man who called Sibusiso Ernest Khoz as his home because he did not know he was likely to have closed their fate.

Sibusizo is wanted by the police in connection with the murders of members of the seven Khoza families whose bodies were found to be decomposed on Monday.

Vfjfontein suspects are involved in horrible crime

One of the victims (Khaleda Khaleda) was in police custody since the bodies were found. Last time we checked it, he claimed that he had no warning of the possibility of having seven corpses in the property he stayed.

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He was there all the time, claiming he had never heard the smell of death hanging in the air around the property.

Sibusiso and other suspect police believed that he was involved in brutal murders in some degree. His behavior, a few days before the bodies, raised serious questions about his innocence in the offenses.

Sibusiso is concerned about the whereabouts of the family who told them they were attending a funeral at Harewood, Kwa-Zulu Natal.

In addition, a few minutes after it became apparent that the police wanted to kill them, they disappeared and changed their Facebook profile.

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The New York Medical College claims that "Sibusiso Ernest Khoza" had never had a student

Gauteng, Prime Minister of Community Security, Sizakele Nkosi-Malobane, found that his family's visit to the media had dealt with the media that Sibusiso had appeared on the doorstep of the family three months ago and claimed that Dudu Khoza (the matriarch of the house who also died house.

He also claimed to have studied and graduated from the New York College of Medicine and then became a general practitioner at the Charlotte Maxeke Hospital.

We got to Charlotte Maxeke Hospital to check if she really existed in the "Sibusiso Ernest Khoza" GP. At the same time, we were hostile and did not receive the necessary information.

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However, Julio Rodriguez-Rentas, the New York Medical College Communications Director, told us after we asked Sibusiso's alleged enrollment.

– According to the dormitory records, no one has been named at the New York Medical College either as a student or alumnus. There is no record of "Sibusiso Ernest Khoza" than he ever enrolled at the New York Medical College. "

Now we know that Sibusiso never practiced medicine. The response from Rodriguez-Rentas was, however, expected. At the beginning of the week, we talked to the school director of Masiyile High School in Khayelitsha where he studied. It turns out that Sibusiso left school in grade 11, referring to a scholarship to study at the New York Medical College.

He told us that Sibusiso never introduced any paperwork that proved that this was true. But they believed him, because his lie was so convincing.

Sibusiso is still big and Nkosi-Malobane has discovered that he is being searched by the Priority Investigation Unit (PIU). The MEC assured the public that the police will not save their seats and question him.


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