Sponsor to withdraw if Treu stays in Stormers?


Cape Town – The on-field pre-season Stormers game at False Bay Rugby Club at the weekend went well but was overshadowed by the turbulence that hit the pitch. Paul Treu saga continued to boil and now threatens to destroy the Cape's team campaign.

According SuperSport.comThe Stormers players were arrested at an emergency meeting chaired by Captain Siya Kolisi late on Sunday, while it is understood that DHL, the Western Province union sponsor, gave an ultimatum to the authorities that they would withdraw Treu from the system or could withdraw it.

The players' meeting followed a report in the Raport newspaper, in which suspicions seemed to confirm that WP's new president, Zelt Marais, who is a strong supporter of Treu, will press the former Blitzbok coach and defense coach Stormers. replace Gert Smal as rugby director later this year.

The players were annoyed by a claim from a source quoted as a Treu supporter in Rapport's story that only a few individuals within the team and the Stormers' wider management had problems with Treu, which, according to them, did not It is the case.

At the heart of the players' unhappiness is the fact that they were completely questioned in the investigation that was conducted by an independent law firm, Bowmans, at the request of the WP late last year, after Treu accused the union of discrimination and treated him badly . .

The investigation found that there was no guilt and no discrimination on the part of WP and the players are upset that the only ramification for Treu was that he was transferred to a new role as director of performance in the union, which they see as potentially creating a platform for he moved to the board.

There have been reports that the board role will be dissolved to create a new role of performance director, but this really is just a name change and nothing more.

Some players expressed their unhappiness with Treu's continued involvement in the system in conversation with SuperSport.com, and players' agents have confirmed that players are so annoyed with the latest round of events that an attack is not completely out of the question.

It was confirmed that Sunday's report, claiming that the game group approached the sponsors to intervene is necessary.

There were a series of constant off-field presentations during the preparation of the Stormers for the new season, starting with the new president Marais's pre-election statement that if he took office, Stormers could expect a 25% cut in salary .

Of course it was an impractical suggestion and Marais subsequently turned back. But indications that he met Treu before the election and that a faction of Paarl-based club administrators, to which Marais was aligned, campaigned for Smal to be replaced (initially by former Bok Peter de Villiers) Stormers.

Partly because the union's amateur arm who continues to control the sport on the Cape represents more than 100 clubs, which almost requires a populist appeal of voters to serve as spokespersons. The WP has always been more agenda driven than other unions.

Players and other members of the union's professional arm have long been silent, but recent developments, with players extremely dissatisfied with any suggestion that Treu could take on the role of senior union coach, are seen as the last straw and in the upcoming 48 hours, when the player, the sponsor and the impasse of the union peaked, was described as a watershed for the union.

With the core Stormers team closing contract at the end of the year, and franchises / unions giving in to a request from Rassie Erasmus that the window for foreign clubs negotiate with local players be anticipated not to collide with the club. In preparation for the World Cup, there is an understandable concern among the Stormers administration that uncertainty about Treu's potential role in the union from now on could lead to an exodus of players.

It is also highly unlikely that any of the trainers working on the Stormers system would currently be happy to work with Treu if he becomes the WP director or rugby.

Meanwhile, there was some rugby over the weekend, though even the warm-up match against False Bay and a combined XV Club was overshadowed by politics. Initially, the plan was for the Stormers to start the warm-up phase for the new season against the strong False Bay team, but pressure was applied on the team and the team eventually played two separate matches against new teams – one against False. Bay, the other against Club XV.

The Stormers ended up scoring 14 attempts in the two halves, or mini-games, which were split into chukkas, and coach Robbie Fleck was not unhappy that the hot conditions and the freshness of the opposition made life even harder for his men . than it could have been.

"The purpose of this game against the combined clubs was for the guys to have a fit and see where their conditioning is," Fleck said.

"It was difficult in the heat, but we have to go through these difficult conditions. It's something you have to deal with and it takes the guys out of your comfort zone."

"We are pushing the boys to see how good their conditioning is and I was happy to see them get up off the ground and continue. We will introduce a number of Springboks tourists who were on the November tour but did not play." in the next match (against the Bulls at Cape Town Stadium in SuperHero on February 3). "

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