Sony PlayStation 5: everything we know so far


Time is approaching the next generation of video game consoles as the PS4 and Xbox One are approaching retirement age … Sony dominated the current console wars with its PlayStation 4 selling 94 million units. So it's safe to say that the world is eagerly awaiting Sony's follow-up.

Microsoft's Xbox One S version, in digital format alone, is imminent, and so its next-generation console is not far from being released in 2020. That means Sony is probably planning a similar release date.

John Kodera, vice president of Sony Interactive Entertainment, said "the PS4 is coming in [the] final phase of its lifecycle, "during a corporate meeting in 2018. Sony president Kenichiro Yoshida confirmed Kodera's statement that the company is preparing" next-generation hardware. "

It is also worth remembering that Sony consoles usually have a life span of five to six years. The PS4 has existed for about five years, indicating a launch in 2020 for the PS5.

Design: Exceeding Expectations

Although we do not have access to Sony's ultra-secret hardware design department, we know that computing components continue to get faster, thinner, and smaller. Therefore, we expect a good-looking console, especially with Sony's design history.

So Sony will probably opt for an integrated hard drive, because we do not expect the company to opt for streaming. In the ecosystem of PlayStation, there is no indication that it will give up physical games and downloaded yet. Add that to the inevitable need for multiple doors and enough cooling space, and the PS5 will have a decent amount of space on your TV.

Remember we did not see genuine footage leaked from the PS5 (good working console department!). We only came across some rendered artists (like the one described above by LetsGoDigital, which was unmasked, but looked pretty good at the time), but there is no indication that any of the images we've seen are still close to the real one. thing.

Specifications: a definitive update

They have had five years of hardware advancements, so Sony should better represent their new console. The interior of the PlayStation 5 is likely to be very advanced. It needs to provide the best 4K games and RV experiences that 2019 (or 2020) has to offer, after all.

One of the best rumors so far speculates that the PS5 will have a dedicated graphics chip, instead of combining graphics and processing on the same silicon bit. Supporting this idea is news that the next generation of AMD graphics technology for the PS5 is already in production. These advanced 7nm chips, codenamed Navi, are considered as powerful as some of today's best graphics cards.

Other rumors suggest that one of Sony's top programmers is already working hard on adapting AMD's Ryzen technology, pointing to a large increase in performance for the inner guts of the PS5.

When it comes to raw processing power, the PS5 is bound to overshadow its predecessor. A recent tweet (above) details the next APU (Advanced Processing Unit) of the console. It is apparently called Gonzalo and will offer an eight-core processor, a clock speed of 3.2 GHz and a clock speed of 1 GHz. In short, a significant and welcome improvement over the PS4, which should ensure that it run at 4K / 60fps without problems.

Drivers: hit or miss?

The latest leak is one that has many members of the PS community. Firstly, no one seems to know how legitimate the leak is, so do not let that upset you yet.

Ray Sekiro, the publisher of a PlayStation-centric blog called Remote Play, who tweeted an image of what appears to be the successor to DualShock 4. And it seems … believable?

It is said that the controller has the brand (yes, you guessed it) DualShock 5, and is expected to include a touch screen. That will replace the touch pad in the 4th iteration.

Many have rejected the alleged leak, saying that the design does not look like the PlayStation's design and that the controller is very bulky overall. This may be the case, but the controller looks a lot like the Razer PS controller, and we would not be surprised if this is the next release of DualShock.

Soooo …?

As always, it's worth taking advantage of these leaks with a hint of skepticism. Sony will not reveal a new console soon, with the company jumping E3 and all.

But with the Xbox Two aka Xbox Scarlett tilted for a 2020 launch, wand you think all the signs point to a 2019 launch for PlayStation 5 (the initial console picks up the worms, yeah?), and will probably happen on PlayStation Experience later this year. If not in 2019, definitely definitely in 2020. Either way, we probably need a better TV.


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