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Royal Wedding 2019: The countdown is activated – but how will Lady Gabriella's wedding be compared? | Royal | News

Lady Gabriella Windsor, 38, is to marry financier Thomas Kingston next month on May 18. The couple got engaged last August on Sark Island and Buckingham Palace confirmed their spring wedding in December. The Lady's nuptials will have many similarities – and differences – with last year's royal brides, Meghan Markle and Princess Eugenie.

How does Lady Gabriella's marriage compare to that of Meghan Markle and Princess Eugenie?

The third royal wedding in less than a year will see Lady Gabriella, who is the 51st throne, walking down the aisle at Windsor's St George's Chapel – the same spot used by Meghan Markle and Princess Eugenie when they said "I do "For their respective others in 2018.

The 38-year-old lady's evening ceremony will also be held at Frogmore House, an official royal residence since 1790, when King George III and Queen Charlotte bought the property as a retreat.

Both royal brides of 2018 also held their evening parties here, with the Duke and Duchess of Sussex celebrating with friends and family overnight at the luxurious venue.

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On October 12, the house was also the setting for the wedding party of Princess Eugenie and Jack Brooksbank.

Lady Gabriella's wedding date is also very similar to that of Meghan and Prince Harry, with the wedding being held just one day before the couple's one-year wedding anniversary on May 19.

But beyond the place and date, marriage seems to be a very different affair than Meghan and Princess Eugenie.

Lady Gabriella, who is the daughter of Prince and Princess Michael of Kent, is expected to have a much more private wedding party than her royal colleagues.

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Buckingham Palace has confirmed that the day will be for friends and family only, with no television coverage or invited members of the public.

Both the Duchess of Sussex and Princess Eugenie had a very public day with their televised marriages for millions of people attending the BBC and ITV respectively.

In addition, it is unlikely that there will be any carriage processions or members of the public invited to the grounds of Windsor Castle.

Charity workers, school children, royal family members and Windsor residents were among the guests for last year's wedding.

Like Prince Harry and Meghan, Princess Eugenie and Jack also made a carriage ride around Windsor after the wedding ceremony – but Lady Gabriella will probably skip that tradition.

The list of guests for the upcoming nuptials will also be different from Meghan and Prince Harry and Princess Eugenie and Jack Brooksbank.

Both royal couples invited members of the royal family, including Queen Elizabeth II, Prince Philip, Prince Charles and Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.

But it is unlikely that senior royalty, like the Queen, is returning to St. George's Chapel this spring for a repeat performance.

The reason could simply be that Lady Gabriella is a relative distant from the queen and as 51 on the throne line, she may want to keep her nuptials more discreet than the most famous members of her family.

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