Reddit R / Games is closed for lie day


R / Games Reddit was closed for the Day of Lying in order to shed light on the community by becoming increasingly combative and derogatory to minority and marginalized groups.

The r / GamesMods created this post simrerday night explaining exactly why the r / Games Reddit is being shut down for a day. All of yesterday, no r / Games post was created or commented. A meta thread for a discussion of this decision will open when r / Games comes back up and running.

"[I]We came to our knowledge that what was meant to be a forum for the potential dissemination of knowledge and involvement in video games has become a battlefield of conflicting ideas, "the post says. "Usually this is not a problem, argument by its very nature is right to bring argument, but when this argument descends into vitriolic attacks between individuals on a regular basis, with no chance of de-escalating, that is when, simply, something has to give . "

"By showing disdain or openly rejecting minority and marginalized communities, we have become more insular, in which we lose the chance not only to show compassion to these people, but also the chance to develop our own community and diversify the demographics of these people." Whether it be misogyny, transphobia, homophobia, racism or a host of other discriminatory practices, now is the time to prevent the flow of regressive ideas and prevent them from becoming the norm … This is not just a question in r / Games or just on Reddit; this is a deeply rooted issue in the depths of the internet, often in communities that focus on discussing games. "

The post continues to highlight a series of comments that exemplify some of the worst examples of this growing issue, and urges the community to focus more on "liking and discussing video games together." She ends up highlighting various charities and causes, including The Trevor Project, National Civil Rights Museum, Able Gamers, Child's Play and more.

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