Poet Ash Dickinson at the Swindon Youth Festival of Literature


Performance poet Ash Dickinson is ready to make a welcome return to the Swindon Youth Literature Festival this year.

Ash, in the photo, will visit the schools of Swindon attending the festival and reading some of his poetry.

Ash encourages the inner poet of all, supporting them to create their own rhymes and verses, so that he is the guest judge of a poetry competition on the subject of change.

Ash has won several slam championships including Edinburgh, the Cheltenham Festival and the Museum of Scotland. He was the runner-up of UK Stars Slam 2011.

The champion of the BBC Radio Four Midlands Slam in 2009 and winner of the BBC Radio Four Scotland Slam in 2007.

The Edinburgh Fringe 2017 made Ash perform his last show and at the 2004 Fringe, his one-man show was four stars. He has appeared in venues such as Ronnie Scott's in London and The Colston Hall in Bristol, as well as festivals like The Larmer Tree, The Wickerman and The Camden Crawl.

The first collection of the interpreter poet was Slinky Espadrilles in 2012, it was the first title published by Burning Eye Books. His last offer is the Strange Keys, which was completed in 2016.

The poet has performed all over the world in Australia, America, Canada, Germany, Spain, Jordan and New Zealand.

Down Under, he organized his own weekly poetry evening in Wellington, New Zealand and was invited to appear at the New Zealand Festival.

Ash also participates in several poetry workshops and offers lectures in schools and colleges, as well as leading groups of adult writers.

During festival week, he will be headlining at the Swindon Poetry Event (Ooh Beehive) on Tuesday, November 13 at Beehive pub, Prospect Hill, in Old Town.

This is the 11th Swindon Youth Literature Festival, which celebrates reading, writing and creativity.

The festival is organized by the librarians of eleven secondary schools in Swindon.

Each school will receive workshops and interactive lectures from its chosen authors.

The Wyvern Theater is hosted by award-winning comedian Jonathan Meres on Thursday, November 15th.

Jonathan is best known for his bestselling series World of Norm, which has 12 books in the series.

The Interschool Book Quiz ends the week of Friday, November 16 at The Swindon Academy when last year's winners, St. Joseph's Catholic College, hope to retain the title. Joffre White is the quizmaster who will put the students of the schools in their footsteps.


Creative Writing Contest – 500 words story inspired by an image.

Illustration Competition – Creating illustrations of a text section of the winning title of Carnegie 2018, where the world ends by Geraldine McCaughrean.

Poetry Contest – A poem based on the theme of Change of National Poetry this year.

Library Ambassador Award – Each school will nominate a student who has contributed to LRC management and SYFL coordination.

For more details visit www.swindonyfl.co.uk – Flicky Harrison


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