Pick n Pay says customers can sip hot buns by licking their phones


Choose and pay

Pick n Pay April Fools Day. YouTube

  • Pick n Pay "has launched" an in-app feature that allows customers to sample and smell food over the phone.
  • The date was a bit of a draw.
  • The video of people sniffing their phones is hilarious.

Pick n Pay on Monday, April 1, announced that it has developed an in-app feature that allows users to sample and sniff food on their phones.

And the video of people sniffing their phones is hilarious.

The joke was one of the most elaborate attempts of the day in South Africa, with the retailer going through the publication of press releases, tweets – and a marketing video showing his team sniffing their phones.

In a press release, the retailer said it spent two years developing "TasteTech" technology to become the world's first olfaction application, but will only be available on April 1 for mobile phones two years or less.

The first product to be tasted would be the hot PnP caramel salty bread (sugar, wheat and no cardboard) and no limit to the number of times customers could taste it.

The app will "calibrate your taste buds" asking you to lick the screen with your tongue.

Twitter users were quite impressed.

The retailer even posted a behind-the-scenes video on their YouTube channel.

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