Pastor Alph Lukau breaks his silence as Cyril Ramaphosa enters


He reiterated what his church officials said, that Sunday incident, in which a dead man known by the name of Elliot came from a coffin after being pronounced dead and was not doing so.

Lukau said he had been informed that a person in a coffin had been taken to the church and, before entering the premises, the coffin began to tremble, suggesting that the person was alive.

He said that all he did was pray for the man and join in the joy of the miracle they had just witnessed.

"We've never heard of such a thing as the Alleluia Ministries … We always read about those in the Bible, but we've never had them," Lukau said.

He said that people, including the media, made assumptions about what happened without properly watching the live broadcast of the incident.

Lukau emphasized that before this miracle he had never seen Elliot or his family.

After the service, he claimed to have no further contact with them.


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