Now you can buy MTN data via Whatsapp


  • Following the example of Absa, MTN launched a WhatsApp service on Tuesday.
  • Now you can buy MTN data via WhatsApp.
  • The announcement came during a turbulent day for the company, which at one point saw the price of its shares drop 7%.

On a dramatic day for MTN for other reasons, the company launched a new WhatsApp service on Tuesday to allow customers to interact with it through the popular text messaging platform.

MTN's share price fell sharply in the morning after the Nigerian government urged a Lagos court to pursue a $ 2 billion fine against MTN. The government instituted the death penalty for the first time last year, accusing MTN of evading taxes. MTN's share price lost almost a fifth of its value in response.

In the afternoon, the price of its shares had recovered and was trading for the last time less than one percent lower.

Meanwhile, MTN South Africa has launched a new service that allows customers to purchase transmission time and data through WhatsApp.

The Whatsapp-based MTN Chat service will also allow customers to speak to customer support and update their packages. Customers will also receive low-balance alerts via WhatsApp.

MTN follows Absa, which recently introduced the "chat database" based on WhatsApp.

Although MTN reportedly claimed a "first in the world" by allowing customers to purchase airtime through WhatsApp, Absa customers can now do just that through their service.

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WhatsApp remains by far the most popular messenger application in South Africa; According to a recent study, 49% of South African adults use WhatsApp – compared to 32% of Facebook Messenger.

As with the Absa service, MTN Chat was enabled by the South African-based company Clickatell, founded in Cape Town in 2000 to help companies communicate via SMS.

Since then, it has partnered with WhatsApp and now has a headquarters in Silicon Valley with 15,000 customers worldwide including Visa, IBM and McKinsey. Clickatell may even consider listing in the US this year.

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