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Huawei announced its response to Samsung's Galaxy Fold on Mobile
2019 World Congress in Barcelona on Sunday, invoked the language of science
fiction and space travel to emphasize the futuristic approach of the new Mate

The handset is one in two
smartphone and tablet, using 5G connectivity for speed, a folding screen for
versatility, artificial intelligence to anticipate user needs, and a new
mode for a better user experience.

Bruce Lee, VP of Appliance Business, Huawei Consumer Business Group, with Partner X unfolded.
Pic by Arthur Goldstuck.

The key to the folding screen is a mechanical hinge called the Falcon Wing, which simultaneously invokes the iconic Millennium Falcon and Star Wars X-Wing. The color of the device was invented for Huawei, which he describes as a "wave of interstellar blue color." He says it "synthesizes the beauty of technology and sets a higher standard for future smartphones."

And then there is the placement of the phone: "It represents a journey into the unknown, "said Richard Yu, CEO of Huawei Consumer Business Group, at the launch, echoing the classic Star Trek slogan" boldly where no phone went before. "

Can it be all this? Star Wars, Star Trek and the
much future of space travel, all in one device? Of course not, but this is
it is not science fiction. It is practical reality of flexible and collapsible
displays finally entering the mainstream.
The challenge is to convince the public to pay a premium price and, as
with the Galaxy Fold, this is unlikely with the first generation of folding.

What it does, however, is to confirm that Samsung
failed to give a clear advantage in the foldables, having beaten Huawei for
mere four days with your ad, and with a more clumsy format than that
of fellow X.

The Samsung Fold has a
Front view of 4.6 inches and opens a mini-tablet of 7.3 inches. In dramatic
In contrast, the Mate X has a huge front screen measuring 6.6 inches, foldable
on an 8-inch tablet. The fundamental difference is that the Fold display
is on the inside of the device, separate from the cover, while the Mate
X is on the outside, allowing the cover screen to transform directly
display tablet.

This also allowed the Mate X to follow a more elegant design, with the two halves fitting perfectly into the structure of the device. The fold looks like two phones one on top of the other. The result is that Mate X has two thirds of the thickness of the fold, at 11cm in relation to 17cm, when folded. This makes a much larger device actually much more compact.

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