Mother hit by bullet & # 39; describes the scene in the Tshwane shootout


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A crowd of curious residents of Mamelodi, east of Pretoria, who had gathered along the busy Solomon Mahlangu Drive in an accident scene, ran for cover when the bullets rang out after a confrontation between taxi drivers and some community members.

An academic transport vehicle, delivering children from the spokesman of Tshwane District Hospital, Zandile Mthimunye, home of the school, had been hit by a Toyota Quantum minibus along the bustling Solomon Mahlangu Drive.

Mthimunye, ran to the crash site, but soon realized she was bleeding after a bullet bounced off the metal of her bra.

Some furious community members, the school bus driver and the taxi driver were involved in a heated argument after the accident. The police were not on site.

Moments later, another taxi driver passed by, picked up a gun and stood by his colleague's side in the heated exchange.

Fights ensued, and during the riot the shots rang. When the dust subsided, the taxi driver was racing quickly, facing the incoming traffic, while fleeing the fight. He had been disarmed from his pistol.

The mother of two younger children, who is also a spokeswoman for Tshwane District Hospital, said she was deeply disturbed by the way events unfolded.

Mthimunye said she had to endure the pain, as she had the ordeal of the children's accident to deal with.

"My concern is with my children – and here are multitudes of men fighting.While fighting and gun firing, I felt that I had been hit by something in my ribs.When I saw that I was really bleeding, I knew that from the bullets hit me" , she said.

Tshwane Subway Police Department spokesman Isaac Mahamba said the matter was under investigation.

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