Lucapa discovers new alluvial source of large diamonds in Angola



Lucapa Diamond and its partners, Empresa Nacional de Diamantes E.P. and Rosas & Petalas, have discovered a new alluvial source of large, premium diamonds at the Lulo diamond project in Angola.

To date, diamonds extracted from Lulo – the highest average alluvial production in the world per carat – have been produced predominantly from the terraced deposits along the Cacuilo River valley.

Lulo's partners recently began exploring the extensive flood plains along the 50-mile Cacuilo River valley within the Lulo diamond concession to determine if these areas were also the scene of exceptional alluvial diamonds.

The positive results of the first of these floodplain areas tested – adjacent to the mining block 31 – where the regular specials were recovered, demonstrate the potential to open new and expansive new mining areas in Lulo.

The results of the exploration include:

  • 17 special, including an exceptional white of 55 carats type IIa D-color
  • A total of 1,550 carats has so far recovered 11,155 batches of processed cubic meters, reaching a diamond grade of 13.5 carats per 100 cubic meters

Given the results of the flood plains adjacent to the mining block 31, Lucapa and its partners will continue testing other floodplain areas in Lulo, in parallel with the alluvial mining activities in established areas.


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